Become a dance adjudicator

About ADA

ADA represents the interests of dance adjudicators in Australia. Formed in 1993 we are non political, not for profit and are financed entirely by our members. As the first dance adjudicator body to be registered in Australia, we have your interest foremost.

We meet regularly and run training courses for prospective adjudicators. No one wants to risk employing a non-accredited adjudicator.

Many dance adjudicators have no qualifications what so ever. If you employ an ADA Adjudicator, you know they are a qualified professional. Most of our members are proficient in all facets of theatrical dance, including classical ballet, Lyrical/Modern expressive, Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, National Character, Contemporary, Song and Dance, Demi Character and Cabaret. Our main group is centered in Sydney with representatives in most States.

Our Vision

To lift the standard of adjudicating in Australia through the provision of:

  • forums where adjudicators can network and collaborate
  • training for dancers and teachers who wish to become adjudicators
  • support and professional development for adjudicators to widen their knowledge and skills
  • acknowledgment of the expertise of established adjudicators

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the standards of eisteddfod adjudications in Australia through networking with adjudicators, the development and provision of ongoing training and seminars for ADA members.

Thinking of becoming a dance adjudicator or an ADA member?

  • Membership to the ADA will give you access to ADA guidelines, code of ethics, common sense working conditions and minimum standards of pay.
  • ADA will also provide ongoing training and seminars for ADA members.
  • If you are with ADA, then you are a professional in your field. ADA follows a strict criteria before endorsing any adjudicator.


Your membership of ADA will strengthen our voice and ensure that it continues to be heard on issues that concern us.

Areas of Membership

Full Member

Open to working adjudicators who have completed at least 10 adjudications and are well respected in the Dance community, have appropriate dance qualifications and can provide two current references.

Trainee Member 22 years +

Open to dancers and teachers who have the appropriate dance qualifications. ie: teacher qualifications. You will be required to particpate in and complete online training program in conjunction with mentoring.

Junior Trainee member 18years – 22years

Open to dancers and teachers who have appropriate dance qualifications. You will participate in a detailed four year mentoring program unless progressed sooner under Executive Committee recommendation.

Eisteddfod Members

Eisteddfods who want to be kept informed about ADA and it’s qualified adjudicators

Scribe Members

People who wish to gain work or experience as an adjudicators assistant or scribe at eisteddfods.