Australian Dance Adjudicators

Welcome to the Australian Dance Adjudicators Association – a community of dedicated dance enthusiasts committed to advancing the art of dance adjudication. Established in 1993 and officially incorporated in 2004, our association stands as a beacon of support for both dancers and adjudicators, promoting excellence, fairness, and respect.

Our Mission: Elevating Dance Excellence

At ADA, we believe in fostering an environment where dancers can shine, and adjudicators can continuously refine their craft. Our experienced members, well-versed in various dance genres, bring a wealth of knowledge gained from working with dancers of all ages and backgrounds. We stay attuned to industry trends, ensuring our adjudicators are equipped with the latest techniques and insights.

Principles of Integrity, Fairness, and Respect

Integrity, fairness, and respect are the cornerstones of our association. We provide objective feedback to every dancer, irrespective of their skill level, maintaining a positive atmosphere at all events. We celebrate the uniqueness of each dancer and are devoted to helping them unlock their full potential.

Join Our Community

Whether you’re a seasoned dance adjudicator or embarking on this fulfilling journey, we invite you to become part of our community. Together, we elevate each other, create training experiences, collaborate on projects, and, above all, share a profound love for the art of dance. Join us to contribute to a thriving dance community.

Who Are the ADA?

Since 1993, the Australian Dance Adjudicators Association has been the training ground, support system, and representative body for Australian Dance Adjudicators. We operate as a non-political, not-for-profit organization entirely financed by our members.

Hire Qualified Professionals

Looking to hire an adjudicator for your dance competition or eisteddfod? Look no further. Our esteemed members, highly regarded in the dance community, possess extensive dance qualifications, adjudication training, and hands-on experience. Proficient in a range of dance styles, including classical ballet, tap, jazz, national and demi character, contemporary, song and dance, and cabaret – choosing an ADA member guarantees you a qualified professional for your event.

Join us in celebrating the art of dance and creating opportunities for dancers to thrive. The ADA is your trusted partner in elevating dance excellence in Australia.

Established 1993

The first Dance Adjudicator professional association in Australia


Trained professional members