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Join the Australian Dance Adjudicators Association (ADA) and open the door to a wealth of resources, support, and opportunities that will elevate your career as a dance adjudicator.

Membership Benefits:

  1. Guidelines and Code of Ethics:

    • Access our comprehensive guidelines and a robust code of ethics, providing you with a framework for professional conduct.
  2. Working Conditions and Minimum Standards:

    • Benefit from common-sense working conditions and minimum pay standards, ensuring fair compensation for your expertise.
  3. Exclusive Training and Seminars:

    • Enjoy exclusive access to ongoing training programs and seminars tailored exclusively for ADA members. Stay at the forefront of industry trends and enhance your adjudication skills.
  4. Professional Recognition:

    • ADA members are recognized as professionals in the dance community. Eisteddfods and competitions trust ADA’s reputation, providing you with the confidence that you’ll be booked as a respected adjudicator.


Membership tiers:

Full Member

Open to experienced adjudicators with a minimum of 10 adjudications, holding appropriate dance qualifications, and endorsed by two references. Enjoy full membership benefits and contribute to our vibrant community.

Trainee Member

Ideal for dancers and teachers aged 25 and above with suitable dance qualifications. Engage in an online training program with mentoring to further develop your adjudication skills.

Junior Trainee Member

Tailored for dancers and teachers aged 18 to 24 years with appropriate dance qualifications. Participate in an online training program alongside mentoring to kickstart your career as an adjudicator.

Eisteddfod Member

Designed for eisteddfods and dance competition organisers. Stay informed about ADA developments, contribute to the growth of dance adjudication, and be part of a dynamic community.

Scribe Member

Open to individuals seeking opportunities to gain work or experience as an adjudicator's assistant or scribe at eisteddfods or dance competitions.
This membership provides valuable exposure and experience in the adjudication field, allowing members to work alongside seasoned professionals.
Ideal for those looking to kickstart their journey in dance adjudication and contribute to the success of events.

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Application form
Application form

Submission of this application does not guarantee automatic approval or entry into the Australian Dance Adjudicators Association (ADA). All applications are subject to review, approval, and confirmation of eligibility by the ADA’s Membership Committee.

Approval Process:

  1. Review and Approval: Applications will be thoroughly reviewed by the Membership Committee. Approval is contingent upon meeting the association’s eligibility criteria.
  2. Payment of Membership Fee: Successful applicants are required to submit the applicable membership fee as outlined by the ADA. Membership benefits and privileges will commence upon receipt of the payment.
  3. Verification of References and Qualifications: The ADA may conduct a verification process to confirm the provided references and qualifications. Submission of accurate and verifiable information is crucial for the application process.

Important Notes:

  • Membership approval is at the sole discretion of the ADA and its Membership Committee.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate applications may result in delayed processing or denial of membership.
  • The ADA reserves the right to reject applications that do not meet the association’s standards or criteria.
  • Approved members are expected to adhere to the ADA’s Code of Ethics and guidelines.

By submitting this application, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined above. For any inquiries or additional information, please contact the ADA Membership Committee.